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Education and Training for Internationals

Your world-class education begins here.


Transcend Training Solutions, being an accredited representative and promotor of many reputed universities, and colleges in Australia, has over 6 years of experience working with international students who choose Australia for VET (Vocational education and Training) and/or higher education. We understand how difficult it is for students to decide the course of study, the university or colleges to enrol, and the whole visa application process.

We, therefore, follow step-by-step procedure to find the perfect solution to the questions regarding what, where and how to study.

Firstly, we approach the students for counselling sessions to understand their personal and professional goals. We then discuss their study options and provide the best option that suits the student. Finally, we help with all the documentation regarding the enrolment in the desired course and manage the visa application.



Organising your accommodation is an important step as you prepare for your studies or work journey in Australia. We recommend that you start looking at your accommodation options as early as possible, particularly if you want to apply for accommodation near your work or study destination.

Transcend Training Solutions’ Accommodation Service coordinates your accommodation application and manages an accommodation database, including private rentals, share housing and boarding.


Why TTS?

  • We provide genuine advice and always transparent with our clients to ensure they receive unmatchable quality and price services with solutions that are best for the client’s future. We believe in creating a long term relationship with our clients.

  • We consider our services as an ongoing process, thus, we take the initiation to keep the client well informed with all the information regarding their application, progress, and results without clients asking for it.

  • We have specialised team members who are experts in helping clients achieve their goals, whether to work or study in Australia.

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