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482 Visa Sponsorship

Australia is experiencing a significant skills shortage and predictions indicate this will continue in the coming years.


Overseas professionals can be an effective solution, yet many employers are not approved as a Standard Business Sponsor (SBS) and don’t wish to take on Australia’s complex immigration laws.

Above the Clouds

On-hire Labour Agreement Employer Services

This is how we can help.

Transcend Training Solutions engages and on-hires international talent on behalf of employers. We are one of the few 482-sponsors approved by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

It enables you to secure sought-after global talent hassle-free. Transcend Training’s proven capacity and experience enables us to source and place international professionals in short timeframes while ensuring compliance. Our team works with employers and migration agents to reduce recruitment timeframes.


Why use Transcend's 482 sponsorship services?


Hire & Retain Expertise

Working visas enable overseas professionals to work in Australia for

2-4 years and apply for permanent residency.


Streamline Processes

Avoid complex, time-consuming sponsorship processes and ensure easy onboarding and offboarding of workers.


Access Skills

Import professional skills that are difficult to source in Australia to meet organisational and/or project demands & goals.


Minimise Risk

Reduce employment risk by outsourcing compliance obligations to us, as holders of an on-hire labour agreement.


Key requirements of 482 Sponsorship

This program is designed for employers who have a demonstrated need to fill a position and are unable to source the right skill sets from the Australian labour market. 


Our experienced team will work through the labour market testing process to demonstrate that a suitable candidate is not available in Australia. Candidates must also: 

  • Have sufficient skills to perform services in Australia 

  • Hold relevant professional licences or registration 

  • Be paid a minimum base salary dependent on the
    role and skills required.

  • Meet the English language and health requirements 

  • Clear police checks for all countries the visa applicant has resided in (for 12 months or more) over the last 10 years 


The length of the initial visa will depend on their occupation.

Once an offer is made, we’ll manage the candidate's nomination and visa application and take care of all the contractual paperwork. 

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